Sexy is a vibrational frequency. It’s an energy essence that is embodied in us and exudes out of us when we are healthy, confident, authentic, and wise. Sexy is egoless. Sexy is powerful. Sexy is an inner reflection.

Sex, not to be confused with Sexy, has been the underlying theme throughout my life. This makes sense as sex is at the root of our entire existence. We were all created from sex and our sex chakra is at the foundation of our energetic bodies. I’ve been studying sex, in all its glory, for quite some time now. And while knowledge does not necessarily create power; experience, control, and organization does. With that being said, you could call me a true Sexpert.

My greatest struggle has been with love and romantic relationships so I found it shocking when, in a scared ceremony, I received a very clear message that, at my truest essence, I am a Love Goddess, Sex Goddess, and Healer. This information has accelerated my path in the space of love, relationships, sex, and healing. I’m now offering teachings and guidance on how to use your biological sex energy with the spiritual element of love to create the fulfillment of all your desires.

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